8:50 p.m.
some kind

i thought i'd add a couple of kitty pictures to scare my mouse into being good. this is my most favorite cat in the whole world.

lolly my only kitty friend.

my weekend has being going swell. i've had pop songs in my head lately. "i'm tired of being compared to damn britney spears." me too pink---me too. the weather is just to die for. i'd run around naked if i didn't know any better. trust me, i know better. i really have the urge to own a bike. it'd be fun. room 134 should all have bikes, we could cruise around and smoke ciggies. not only would we be knows as 'the step girls' we could also be known as 'the bike girls

they are arrriving home tonight. it has been grand (scary at times, yes) very grand to be here alone.

i told him he was 'some kind of wonderful' this weekend. and boy he just doesn't know how true that little lyric is.

more lollygagger for your enjoyment.

my mouse must be scared hasn't frozen once. hooray. still need hints on how to stop this annoyance from happening.

::things i saw this weekend::
a family at the park all dancing around a tree-mom and dad included.

an older lady in her convertible with tx-gal license plates singing country at the top of her lungs.

that same family riding their bikes through the park-little boy pushing his sister up the hill.

passed by a boy i knew from high school in target.

a little bird nestled next to the side of my house. i couldn't do anything. he is gone now. where?

a family walking their puppy.

a family playing a game outside, parents incuded. running around crazy like, laughing.

a dominator

a lady with hair the color of hot chicken wing sauce.

an albino spider---really!
the end
my friend

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