12:22 a.m.
poe tay toe

rented punch drunk love, and i HAVE to say i really really thought it was nasty horrible. i guess i imagined something much different. not, funny, but not crazy mixed up silly dumb. movies that make me uncomfortable aren't my favorite.

i bought a movie that doesn't make me uncomfortable 'the sweetest thing' i crack up at that one, and it even involves girls that can wash clothes on thur bellies, but it's still funny. REALLY.

have you heard the new st. louis style rapper? oh! CHINGY and his hit 'right thur' it is so amazing, he says 'thur' and 'hur' for there and hair. chingy$$ represent$$

i made the boy a supreme oh dinner today and baked cookies too. somebody get me an apron. i'm the grand master funk of cooking. well, sorta..i had to go online to see how to bake potatoes. the website was spuds.com or something. it was kind of freaking scary, how many people have time to start threads about potatoes. tons it seems.

potatoes are pretty cool. i mean think of everything you can do to those suckers.

i made mine twice baked.

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